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Construction material

Construction material

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Building Materials Certification | Test

  •     Building Materials Certification Test Outline

In the highly competitive building materials industry, manufacturers and suppliers must balance the quality and price of their products, comply with domestic and international building standards and laws to avoid legal risks and reduce construction air to prevent project delays at the same time.

IGC provides one-stop service to meet the various requirements of several export markets.

What is the building material certification test?

  • Under CPR (Construction products regulation (EU) No305/2013), building materials manufacturers must apply CE marks to products applied to European Standard (EN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA).

    Building materials certification test means any product that constitutes a permanent part of a building, including a building and civil engineering work.

    Building materials include ventilation structural facilities, plastic flue, ceiling radiant heating and cooling panels, doors, window-related products and insulation materials, flooring, cement, mortar, tile, adhesives, revolving doors, fire detector, docks, valves and caps, pipes, water leakage prevention facilities, tanks, wood, aggregates and fillings, structural bearings, geotextile, etc. building and public works purposes.

Types of testing for building materials certification

  • 1) Wall test and certification

    2) Roof body and walking deck test

    3) Testing and certification of internal surface materials

    4) Plumbing product test

    5) Weatherproof and sealant tests

    6) Window and door test

Importance of building materials certification

  • All building products within the European Economic Zone (EEA) must comply with EU building material regulations. The Act stipulates that all products traded or sold in Europe shall attach a CE mark when the product has a European harmonization standard.

    This CE mark does not necessarily mean that the product is suitable for all end uses, but indicates that the product is consistent with the Performance Declaration (DoP) when manufactured by the manufacturer.

    Also, architectural products with CE marks can be traded throughout the EEA.

    CE 마크가 있는 건축 제품은 EEA 전체에서 거래

Why IGC?

  • IGC understands the ongoing pressure manufacturers face to develop products that are more innovative, more efficient and sustainable than their competitors, and to bring their products to market quickly and safely.

    IGC, as a testing and certification company, provides services with leading expertise in the architectural industry.

    We have the capabilities and responsibilities necessary to support the entire CE mark acquisition process and can provide product certification, factory produce control certification and laboratory testing in accordance with CPR requirements.

    IGC provides comprehensive testing services for a wide range of architectural products in a wide range of areas.

    IGC's logo helps your customers pioneer a business suitable changing markets and trends.

    This enables IGC customers to differentiate themselves from competitors, demonstrate credibility and reliability of their products, and enhance product efficiency and credibility in the marketplace.

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