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ESG Management

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ESG Management

What is ESG Management?

As a company grows, the level of influence on society becomes wider, so management direction for a greater leap forward is needed. ESG management stands for environmental, social, and governance, and refers to three key elements of the management philosophy that can lead to sustainable development of a company based on transparent management activities.

Each key element consists of the following.

  • •  Climate Change and Carbon Emissions
  • •  Environmental Pollution and Environmental Regulation
  • •  Ecosystem and Biodiversity
  • •  Organization of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee
  • •  Bribery and Anti-Corruption
  • •  Business Ethics

As the importance of recognizing the seriousness of the Earth's environmental problems (natural disasters or recent COVID-19 etc.) and solutions to them (environmental protection laws, stricter regulations, carbon neutrality, etc.) emerges, the focus is on corporate social impact and role. This assessment will result in ESG evaluation of 'the direction of the company and whether it is actually managed' and quantified and used for corporate valuation. These non-financial indicators are required by investors and can be trusted by attaching relevant ISO certificates to business proposals as evidence. In addition, international certification underpinning ESG management can be a better opportunity to reach overseas buyers and take the company's image to the next level.

The latest trend

The 2022 Korea ESG Forum< The 2022 Korea ESG Forum >

The 2022 Korea ESG Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Environment and organized by the Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute and Messeiang, was held in November. In this forum, ESG experts focused on ESG trends and metrics. In addition, ESG management issues in 2023 will be specifically addressed by industry, and the emergence of verification agencies will begin in earnest. Accordingly, in the future, companies that are passive in ESG management or simply respond to risks will be clearly distinguished from active and pioneering companies, and their authenticity will be determined. It's hard to apply to small businesses that are still growing, but an analysis of 61 SDPI* indicators can help you measure the difference between your company's sustainability goals and your company's. If management documents are established in accordance with the requirements of ISO International Standard Certification and operational procedures are established on a manual basis, it will be of great help to ensure that the indicators are well received.

*SDPI : Sustainable Development Performance Indicators

Certification specifications for each part

The ISO certification standards for Environmental, Social, and Government are as follows.

ESG Management
  • •  ISO 14001
  • •  ISO 50001
  • •  ISO 26000
  • •  ISO 45001
  • •  ISO 22301
  • •  ISO 13485
  • •  ISO/IEC 20000-1
  • •  ISO/IEC 27001 & 27701
  • •  ISO 37001 & 37301
  • •  ISO 31000
  • ISO 14001
    Environmental M.S

    Environmentally Friendly Workplace Operation S.C

  • ISO 50001
    Energy M.S

    Energy Performance Improvement S.C(Including Energy Efficiency, Utilization and Usage)

  • ISO 26000
    Guidelines for Social Responsibility

    Certificate The organization's Activities to Contribute to The operation of a Healthy Society

    ※ Statement of Implementation
  • ISO 45001
    Safety and Health M.S

    Workplace Safety and Health S.C

  • ISO 22301
    Business Continuity M.S

    The organizational Response and Recovery System in the event of Interrupted Accidents at the workplace

  • ISO 13485
    Medical Device Quality M.S

    S.C Specialized for Medical Device Quality Based on ISO 9001

  • ISO/IEC 20000-1
    Information technology - Service M.S

    Quality Management S.C of Customer-customized

  • ISO/IEC 27001
    Information Security M.S

    S.C for Information Protection Management System of Workpalce using Information System

  • ISO/IEC 27701
    Privacy Information M.S

    S.C Specialized in the Field of Personal Information Protection of ISO/IEC 27001 Standards

    ※ 27001 Standards-Prerequisite
  • ISO 37001
    Anti-bribery M.S

    Certification of Anti-corruption Systems Applied to Various Industries under Global Anti-corruption Regulations

  • ISO 37301
    Compliance M.S

    Third-party Certification of Organizational Strategic Obligations, such as Laws, Regulations, Norms, and Codes of Conduct(Ethics)

  • ISO 31000
    Guidelines for Risk Management

    Certificate the Management Activities for Potential Risks

    ※ Statement of Implementation

*M.S : Management System / S.C : System Certification

Acquisition effect

ESG - Acquisition effect< ESG - Acquisition effect >

The following corporate effects can be achieved.

  • •  Business Operations Practice - ESG management enables companies to increase profitability and growth while reducing risk and creating long-term value through transparency.
  • •  Improving human resource management - Engaging employees can increase their understanding of the company's vision and objectives, create a better corporate culture, achieve business goals, and increase employee retention.
  • •  Image Improvement - ESG management enhances the company's reputation by improving its image. It is possible to build a sustainable strategy and an image that fulfills social responsibility, and gain brand value and credibility.
  • •  Meet compliance - ESG management can meet environmental, social, and governance related regulations.

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