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IGC Certification Membership Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions refer to the terms and conditions of use of all services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by the IGC Certification Center website (hereinafter referred to as "IGC Certification Center"), the rights of members and IGC Certification Center, Its purpose is to define duties, responsibilities and other necessary matters.
Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions)
1. If the user agrees to the contents of this agreement, IGC Authenticator Co., Ltd. will prioritize this agreement to IGC Authenticator's service provision and member's service use.
2. In the event of amendments to the terms and conditions, IGC Certification Center shall specify the date of application and the reason for the amendment and notify the current terms and conditions on the initial screen of IGC Certification Center from 7 days before the application date to the day before application. However, if the terms and conditions are changed against the member, it will be notified with a grace period of at least 30 days in advance. In this case, IGC Certification Center clearly compares the content before and after the revision and displays it so that members can understand it.
3. The revised terms and conditions are notified on the website of IGC Certification Center Co., Ltd. or notified to members through e-mail, and they take effect from the date specified in the supplementary provisions of the terms and conditions. If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the member may cancel his or her membership registration (withdrawal from membership), and if the changed terms and conditions continue to use the service without expressing refusal within 7 days from the effective date, the terms and conditions are changed. Is deemed to be your consent.
Article 3 (rules other than the terms and conditions)
Matters not specified in these terms and conditions are subject to the provisions of the Basic Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Deliberation Regulations of the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, the Information and Communication Ethics Code, the Program Protection Act, and other related laws.
Article 4 (definition of terms)
The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.
1. User: A person who receives the services provided by IGC authentication in accordance with these terms and conditions.
2. Subscription: The act of completing the service use contract by filling in the relevant information in the application form provided by IGC Certification Center and agreeing to these terms and conditions.
3. Member: A person who has registered as a member by providing personal information to IGC Certification Center, Inc. and who can use the services provided by IGC Certification Center.
4. Account (ID): A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member for identification of the member and the use of the member's service and given by IGC Certification.
5. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member to ensure that the member and account match and protect their confidentiality in communication
6. Withdrawal: The act of a member terminating the use contract
7. Terms not defined in these terms and conditions are defined in separate terms and conditions for individual services.

Chapter 2 Provision and Use of Services

Article 5 (establishment of use contract)
1. The use contract is established when the user completes the subscription by recording the items requested in the prescribed subscription application form provided by IGC authentication online.
2. IGC Certification Center may cancel the subscription for the following contracts.
1) When applying using another person's name
2) When the contents of the application for use contract are falsely entered or applied
3) When you interfere with other people's use of the IGC Authentication Service Co., Ltd. or attempt to steal the information
4) In case of using the IGC Certification Center to act prohibited by laws and regulations and these terms and conditions
5) When other requirements for application for use set by IGC Certification Center are incomplete
Article 6 (consent to the use of member information)
1. Members' personal information is protected by the 「Act on Protection of Personal Information of Public Organizations」.
2. The member information of IGC Certification Center is used, managed, and protected as follows.
1) Use of personal information: IGC Certification Center does not disclose or distribute the personal information of members collected in connection with the provision of services to third parties without the consent of the person. However, if there is a request from a state agency according to laws such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, if there is a request for investigation of a crime, or if there is a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or if there is a request in accordance with other relevant laws and regulations, This is not the case when users disclose personal information themselves.
2) Management of personal information: Members may modify/delete member's personal information from time to time in the service's personal information management for protection and management of personal information.
3) Protection of personal information: Members' personal information can only be viewed/edited/deleted by the member, and this is managed entirely by the member's account and password. Therefore, do not give out your account and password to others, and be sure to log out at the end of the job.
3. When a member applies for use in accordance with these terms and conditions, it is deemed to agree to the collection and use of the member information described in the application form of IGC Certification Center.
Article 7 (User information security)
1. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information entered by the user from the moment of completing the service subscription procedure for IGC Authentication Service Co., Ltd., and for damage caused by the member's intentional or serious mistake using the member's account and password. The responsibility lies with the member himself.
2. The member is responsible for all management of the account and password, and if it is discovered that the member's account or password has been used improperly, they must immediately report it to IGC Certification. All responsibility for failure to report is the responsibility of the member.
3. The user must accurately terminate the connection every time the use of the IGC Authentication Service Co., Ltd. is terminated, and for damages and losses arising as a result of a third party using information about the user, etc. IGC Certification One Co., Ltd. is not responsible.
Article 8 (change of service)
1. This site is not responsible for the profits or losses you expect from using the service or for damages caused by data obtained through the service, and regarding the contents of information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by the member on this service. Is not responsible.
2. This site is not responsible for any damages caused by the subscriber's intention or negligence among the damages incurred by the subscriber in connection with the use of the service.
Article 9 (Suspension and loss of period of use and qualification)
1. IGC Certification Center member use period is from membership application to withdrawal, excluding force majeure caused by organizational consolidation.
2. If the user violates the terms and conditions specified in this agreement, IGC authentication may request the user to temporarily suspend the user's qualification and correct it within 30 days, and then repeat the same action twice or more. In the case of doing so, you may lose your user qualification after giving 30 days of opportunity to call.
3. Members who have not used for a long time for more than 12 months after application by IGC Certification One are classified as dormant IDs and may be suspended or lost their qualifications.
Article 10 (contract cancellation, termination, etc.)
1. A member may apply for termination of the use contract at any time through the My Page on the initial screen of the service or through the information modification menu, and IGC Certification Center must deal with it immediately as stipulated by related laws.
2. When a member terminates the contract, all data of the member will be destroyed immediately upon termination, except in the case that IGC Certification Center retains member information in accordance with relevant laws and personal information handling policies.
3. If a member cancels the contract, all posts registered in his account such as blogs among the posts created by the member will be deleted. However, postings that have been scrapped and reposted by others or registered on the public bulletin board will not be deleted. Please delete them in advance and withdraw.
Article 11 (Copyright of post)
1. The copyright of the post posted by the user is owned by the user, and IGC has the right to post it in the service.
2. IGC Certification Center may delete, move, or refuse to register any of the following posts or materials without prior notice.
1) In case of posting a post that violates these Terms of Service or is deemed to be commercial or illegal, obscene or vulgar
2) In the case of content that severely insults or defames other members or third parties
3) In case of disseminating or linking contents that violate public order and morals
4) In case of content that promotes illegal copying or hacking
5) If the advertisement is for profit
6) If the content is objectively recognized as being associated with a crime
7) In case of content that infringes other users' or third parties' copyrights or other rights
8) If the posting principle stipulated by IGC Certification Center is not violated or does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board
9) If it is judged to be in violation of other related laws
3. The user shall be fully responsible for civil and criminal liability arising from the infringement of the copyright of others by the user's post.

Chapter 3 obligations and responsibilities

Article 12 (Obligations of IGC Certification Center)
1. IGC Authenticator Co., Ltd. does not disclose or distribute members' personal information to others without their consent. However, this is not the case when there is a request from the relevant state agencies, etc. in accordance with related laws such as telecommunications related laws.
2. IGC Certification Center Co., Ltd. is obligated to endeavor to provide the service consistently and stably, and not to act contrary to laws and regulations and these terms and conditions, or against public morals.
3. IGC Authenticator Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any obstacles in using the service due to reasons attributable to the user.
Article 13 (Member's obligations)
1. The information required for membership registration must be accurately filled out. In addition, the information on the already provided member must be maintained and updated so that it is accurate, and the member must not let a third party use his or her account and password.
2. Members may not engage in any commercial activities using the service without prior consent of IGC Certification Center, and IGC Certification Center is not responsible for the results of their business activities. In addition, the member shall be liable for damages if IGC Certifier Co., Ltd. suffers damages due to such business activities, and IGC Certifier Co., Ltd. shall request compensation for damages, etc., through the appropriate procedures and restrictions on service use for the member. can.
3. Members shall not engage in any of the following actions in relation to the use of the IGC Authentication Service service.
1) Entering false information when applying for membership or changing member information, or stealing passwords and IDs of other members to use illegally
2) Transmitting, posting, posting, e-mailing, or otherwise transmitting content that is vulgar, obscene, insulting, threatening, or that may infringe on the privacy of others
3) Impersonating the management, staff or related person of IGC Certification Center
4) Disguise the source of the content transmitted through the service
5) Posting, posting, e-mailing, or transmitting content that cannot be used by law or contract
6) Hacking servers and spreading computer viruses, arbitrarily altering part or all of the website or posted information
7) Posting, posting, e-mailing, or other transmission of content that infringes on other's patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights
8) The act of posting, posting, e-mailing or sending advertisements, promotional materials, spam mails, letters of luck, pyramid structures, or other types of solicitations that have not been approved by IGC Certification Center
9) Collecting, storing, and disclosing personal information of other users
10) Activities for the purpose of criminal activities or other criminal activities
11) Good manners and other acts that harm social order
12) Acts that defame or insult others
13) Acts that infringe on other's intellectual property rights
14) Continuous transmission of certain contents such as advertising information against the will of others
15) Any action that may interfere with or may interfere with the stable operation of the service
16) Acts that violate all regulations or conditions of use set by IGC Certification Institute, including these terms and conditions
17) Acts that violate other related laws

Chapter 4 Others

Article 14 (prohibition of transfer)
Members cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status in the contract for use.
Article 15 (Disclaimer)
1. IGC Authenticator Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages incurred to users in connection with the use of the service, except for damages caused by serious negligence, intentional or criminal acts of IGC Authenticator, We are not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data and facts posted by the user on this service.
2. IGC Authenticator Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages caused by the user's intention or mistake among the damages incurred to the user in connection with the use of the service.
3. IGC Certification One Co., Ltd. does not bear any responsibility for goods or financial transactions between users or between users and third parties through services, We are not responsible for it.
Article 16 (Jurisdiction)
The law of the Republic of Korea applies to disputes concerning the use of services between IGC Certification Center and users, and a lawsuit arising from this dispute is brought to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.
Supplementary Provisions 1. (Effective date) These terms and conditions will be effective from January 1, 2016.