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Auditor Certification Service List

Auditor Certification

About Auditor Certification

Auditor certification was developed with the aim of achieving and promoting internationally accepted standards for certification bodies. Qualification certification of personnel is one of the ways to ensure that the certified person meets the requirements of the certification scheme. The credibility of each certification scheme for personnel is achieved through an internationally accepted process that evaluates the eligibility of the certified person and periodically re-evaluates it.

Auditor certification specifies requirements to ensure that the certification body that operates the certification scheme for personnel operates in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner. The requirements for auditor certification should be considered as general requirements for certification bodies. Qualification certification for personnel is possible only when the certification scheme is in place. Certification schemes are designed to complement the requirements contained in personal certification, and to include market needs/desired requirements or government requirements.

Auditor certification is one of the tools of gaining additional confidence in the performance of the certification body.

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