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Impartiality Declaration

(주)아이지씨인증원 로고

Impartiality Declaration

IGC Co., Ltd. is a legal entity responsible for certification activities.
IGC fully understands the importance of Impartiality in carrying out its certification activities and will ensure that all transactions with customers or prospects, employees or other personnel are kept fair.
To ensure impartiality is maintained and proven, IGC has established the following principles:
IGC 공정성
  • 01

    Fair Certificate Issue

    The IGC Certificate is issued after review by an internal, independent and authorized member to ensure that there are no impartiality hazards.
  • 02

    Prohibition of Consulting Service

    IGC does not provide management systems consulting or any other form of consulting to organizations or individuals.
  • 03

    Controlling the Provision of Internal Audit Services

    IGC does not provide internal audit services to organizations or individuals.
  • 04

    Restrictions on Ownership of Clients and Financial Companies

    IGC does not own and are not interested (financial or otherwise) other companies that provide certification, management systems consulting or internal audit services.
  • 05

    No Internal Relationship

    IGC does not have any relationship with companies that provide consulting, internal audit services or other services that may be determined to affect the certification services provided by IGC.
  • 06

    Conduct Regular Risk Assessment

    Proposed relationships between IGC and other companies are subject to risk assessment by the Impartiality Committee before the relationship is formalized. Current relationships with companies, organizations and individuals are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that relationships do not affect the impartiality of the certification process.
  • 07

    Impartiality Committee

    The risk assessment is conducted by the Impartiality Committee.
  • 08

    Information Record and Declaration

    Individuals employed or contracted with IGC must document their current and past relationships with all companies. Any situation in the past or present that could create a potential conflict of interest must be declared by the IGC.
  • 09

    Exclusion of Similar Business

    Exclusion of Similar Business IGC does not assign employees or subcontractors who have previously been involved in auditing the management system.
  • 10

    Criteria of Audit Team Allocation

    Audit team can be assigned to a management system audit that has not been related for at least two years.
  • 11

    Risk Assessment

    The risk assessment will be reviewed by the Impartiality Committee.
  • 12

    Prohibition of System Establishment Education

    IGC does not provide any training on system construction.
  • 13

    Management System Consulting Activities

    IGC guarantees that there will be no sales or connections in any way related to management system consulting activities and will take appropriate action once such a relationship is identified.
  • 14

    Employee Monitoring

    All employees are audited at least annually to ensure that they are fair when conducting audits.
  • 15

    Auditor Independence

    Auditors and others involved in the certification process will not be subjected to any pressure and will not be affected in any way to draw special conclusions regarding the results of the audit.

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