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Part 3

Auditor Certification

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Part 3

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ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
Auditor Certification

IGC provides certification services such as ISO 22000 food safety management system assistant auditor, auditor, lead auditor, internal auditor, and verification auditor based on cooperation with GPC (Global Personnel Certification), an accredited personal certification body based on ISO/IEC 17024.

ISO 22000 Certification Overview

  • ISO 22000 Certification Overview
    ISO 22000 integrates the principles and application stages of the Hazard Element Critical Control Criteria (HACCP) system developed by the International Food Standards Committee.

    This standard requires the identification and evaluation of all expected hazards in the food chain, including hazards that may be associated with the type of process and facility used. Therefore, ISO 22000 helps to distinguish between identified hazards that need and don’t need to be managed and provides methods for documentation.

ISO 22000 Auditor Certification Requirements

  • ISO 22000 Auditor Certification Requirements
    Documents to be submitted for registration as an auditor

    ⁖ Certificate of experience
    ⁖ Auditor certificate
    ⁖ Education certificate
    ⁖Audit history log sheet writing

  • Lead auditor


    Verification auditor

    Internal Auditor

    Assistant auditor


    Secondary education or higher

    Work experience

    5 years and more
    (Including 2 years or more of experience in quality or environment field related to the standard)

    10 years and more
    (Including 2 years or more of experience in quality or environment field related to the standard)

    3 years and more
    (Including 1 year or more experience in quality or environment field related to the standard)


    Audit experience

    Audit history of 35 MD or higher as an auditor or lead auditor within the last 3 years (of which 15 M/D or more are audit history as lead auditor)

    Audit history of 20 M/D or higher as an auditor or lead auditor within the last 3 years)

    Audit history of 15 M/D or more as a lead auditor within the last 3 years (only the history after acquiring lead auditor qualification from an accredited personal certification body is acceptable)

    Within the last 3 years awarded 5 times + audit history of at least 15 M/D


    Education training

    * Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course
    (Only a certificate of completion issued by an accredited personal certification body or a training institution designated by it can be accepted)


    GPC knowledge and personality exam pass

ISO 22000 Auditor Certification Procedure

  • ISO 22000 Auditor Certification Procedure
    ✥ The applicant decides the auditor class to apply for.
    ✥The applicant must complete the application and submit the following supporting documents to prove his eligibility. (If there is not enough evidence, it must be possible to prove it through additional evidence.)
    ⁖ Graduate Certificate
    ⁖ Certificate of experience
    ⁖ Audit history
    ⁖ Education certificate
    ⁖ Verification review evaluation record

  • ✥Being the subjects for evaluation, applicants will be qualified only if they pass the knowledge and personality test.
    ✥When applying for an auditor, the acceptable training completion criteria are as follows.
        ⁖ Management system auditor or lead auditor training course completion certificate approved by GPC that meets the requirements of educational institutions
        ⁖ Management system auditor or lead auditor training course completion certificate provided by an educational training institution designated by an accredited institution based on ISO/IEC 17024
    ✥The certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issue, and maintenance fees must be paid annually in accordance with the certified cycle, and additional requirements must be met at the 3rd year in the renewal cycle.

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FSSC 22000 Version 5 Food Safety System (FSSC)
Auditor Certification

IGC is an educational institution registered as the official Training Organization of FSSC and provides FSSC 22000 auditor registration service.

FSSC 22000 Version 5 Certificate Overview

  • FSSC 22000 version 5 인증개요
    The FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) standard is a food safety standard approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which has the most influence on food manufacturers, to introduce a food safety certification system suitable for the overall food industry.

    As the world's population grows, there is an increasing demand for cheap, safe and quality food. To meet these needs, FSSC 22000 provides the food industry with a reliable food safety platform.

    FSSC 22000, as a combination of Sector Prerequisite Programs (PRPs) based on ISO 22000 for manufacturer of different food products and ingredients in different sectors, and additional FSSC 22000 requirements, is applicable to all food manufacturers regardless of size, complexity and location. In addition, transportation and storage at the production site are included in the scope of certification.

FSSC 22000 Auditor Qualification Process

  • FSSC 22000 심사원 자격부여 프로세스
    Working experience ❉ Experience in quality assurance in food production or manufacturing, retail, food inspection or food-related law enforcement or equivalent sectors, or
    ❉ Experience in food or related industries, including at least 2 years of full-time work experience related to food safety functions.

    Education ❉ Education: Food-related or life science degree, or
    ❉ at least a food-related or life sciences higher education course,
    ❉ successful completion of an equivalent course

  • Education training
    ❉ FSMS or QMS lead auditor course-at least 40 hours including exam

    ❉ HACCP training-minimum 16 hours including exam

    ❉ ISO 22000 standard-at least 8 hours including exam (if the lead auditor course does not include parts about the ISO 22000 standard)

    ❉ Food defense training (including exam) covering methods of food defense risk assessment and possible mitigation measures.

    ❉ Food fraud education and training (including exam) covering methods of assessing food fraud vulnerability and possible mitigation measures.

    ❉ Standards-All requirements related to the scheme (including tests): ISO/TS 22003 (Annex C), ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1 (standards applicable to the certification body audit process, including exam)

    ❉ Education and training on relevant PRP standards

  • Others
    ❉ Audit: At least 10 days of audit experience and 5 ISO 22000 audits

    ❉ or GFSI's accredited scheme audit related to a specific industry, including at least one FSSC 22000 audit

    ❉ GFSI exam: All auditors must pass the GFSI exam within the deadline set by the foundation. New auditors are required to pass the GFSI exam before becoming eligible for FSSC 22000.

    ❉ Category I related: basic packaging certification, packaging technology degree

    ❉ Or higher-level certifications and certifications in food technology, food hygiene or related sciences, or basic certifications in food technology, food safety/sanitation or related sciences, and training (minimum 30 hours) of the World Packaging Association and the Certification for packaging technology that meets the requirements specified by the World Packaging Association

    ❉ FSSC 22000-Quality: Auditors qualified to ISO/IEC 17021-1 with respect to ISO 9001 certification recognized under the ISO/TS 22003 category and ISO 9001 food sector code.

심사원의 최초 평가 승인 이미지

  • Auditor’s Initial evaluation and Approval
    ❉ FSSC 22000 witness screening of auditors to confirm that competence has been achieved

    ❉ All FSSC 22000 auditors (including auditors during training) must be registered on the portal according to Foundation guidelines.

  • Granting scope of certification for sub-classification (first and expanded)
    After receiving the initial auditor qualification, the auditor must be granted/approved for each category. The certification body shall demonstrate that the auditor satisfies the following requirements in order to assign the category code to the auditor. Granting scope of certification for sub-classification (first and expanded)

    Granting scope of certification for sub-classification (first and expanded)

    ❉ In relation to a new category (post-farm gate only except for food chain category A) to be granted as a trainee or as an auditor under the supervision of an auditor who has 6 months working experience in the subclass or qualified for the subclass, 5 audits of recognized by GFSI schemes. At least one of the five audits must be an FSSC 22000 audit (post or renewal audit phase 2). If an advisory service is used to demonstrate working experience, the total number of consulting days must be added to the six-month working experience.

    ❉ Demonstrate specific eligibility for sub-classification

    ❉ Satisfy the certification body's own qualification criteria for sub-classification

Education provided

  • FSSC 22000 version 5 제공하는 교육
    Understanding FSSC 22000. This course is intended for organizations, certification bodies, consultants, and those who are interested in a general knowledge of FSSC 22000 requirements and understand how they can be applied to other food chain organizations.

    FSSC 22000 Implementation shows how FSSC 22000 can be implemented within various food chain categories for organizations, consultants and others based on the process above.

    FSSC 22000 Internal Auditor Course designed for organizations implementing FSSC 22000 to meet the training requirements of internal auditors. Training covers all elements specified in ISO 19011:2018.

    FSSC 22000 Senior Auditor Course This course is held for those who wish to register as a lead auditor. It can also be applied to internal auditors and consultants. The composition of the training covers FSSC 22000 requirements, ISO 19011: 2018, ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2015 and ISO / TS 22003: 2013 and includes practice courses (e.g. Case study) and written exams. The total training time is 40 hours.

IGC's Competitiveness

  • FSSC 22000 version 5 제공하는 교육
    ✿ IGC Certification Center provides various certification and testing services for domestic food manufacturing companies to enter overseas markets.

    ✿ IGC Certification Center provides fast and accurate support with one-stop service for all processes necessary for export, from testing, certification to training auditors.

    ✿ IGC provides services for ISO 22000 senior auditor training and certificate issuance based on cooperation with GPC, an IAF MLA personal certification approval body.

    ✿ FSSC 22000 We are actively training FSSC 22000 auditors by being designated as TO (Training Organization) by FSSC to designate lead auditors.

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FDA FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act
Auditor Certification

  • IGC is the 7th in the world and the first in Korea to be recognized as an FDA FSMA third-party certification body by the US FDA and IAS, providing auditor registration services.

FDA FSMA Certification Overview

  • FDA FSMA인증개요
    On January 4, 2011, the US government enacted the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for the purpose of protecting food supply safety and public health through precautionary prevention.This allows FDA to focus on preventing food safety issues with the enactment of FSMA.FSMA applies to facilities that manufacture, process, package or store food or feed. Also, companies that send food to the United States, such as producers, US importers, shippers, recipients, shippers, and transporters, must comply with FSMA. Therefore, according to FSMA, companies need to establish a food safety system that includes preventive management based on hazard analysis and prepare a documented food safety plan.

The Importance of FSMA Auditor Certification

  • FDA FSMA인증개요
    The United States is an important export destination for Korea and is a very important food export market. Therefore, the FSMA third-party certification serves as an opportunity for food companies to expand their exports to the US.

    Therefore, FSMA auditor certification is required in order to conduct an audit by an accredited third party to ensure compliance with the regulations required by FSMA.

FSMA Auditor Training Course

  • FDA FSMA인증개요
    • Contents of IGC's FSMA Third Party Certified Auditor Training Course

    ⁙ FDA FSMA Third-Party Certification Program

    ⁙ Auditor Acceptance Criteria

    ⁙ FSMA Third-Party Certification Audit Checklist

    ⁙ FSMA Human Food Category Characteristics and application method

        ⁖ Low Acid and Acidified Foods

        ⁖ Fisheries/Seafood Products

        ⁖ Fruit or Vegetable Juices, Other Beverages Including Water

        ⁖ Starch Products

        ⁖ Food Additives

        ⁖ Nuts and Edible Seed Products

Competitiveness of the IGC Certification Center

  • FDA FSMA인증개요
    The FSMA Auditor Training Course is a third-party FSMA certification body approved by the US FDA, and is a training course prepared by IGC that received the authority to train PCQI and FSVP experts from FSPCA.

    ⁜ The FSMA auditor training course is structured and in-depth to train auditors for FSMA third-party certification.

    ⁜ It is a curriculum designed to build quality screening skills from IGC's rich experience.

        ⁖ For the FSMA third-party certification auditor activity, you must complete both the PCQI training course and the FSAM third-party certification auditor course.
        ⁖ If you are eligible for PCQI, or if you have completed training in advance, you can only choose the FSMA Third Party Certified Auditor Course.

    ⁜ IGC has extensive knowledge of food safety by operating a food laboratory and conducting various food-related certifications.

    ⁜ IGC accreditation center provides courses and professional training taught by experts in the field based on years of experience. In addition, we provide effective learning and development opportunities based on years of global experience.

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Auditor Certification

  • PCQI(Preventive Controls Qualified Individual)

Companies that export food to the United States must appoint a Food Safety Preventive Controls Professional (PCQI: Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) based on FSMA requirements to operate the HARPC (Hazard Prevention Management System).

According to FSMA regulations, food manufacturers are required to establish and operate a food safety plan to prevent and manage potential risks in advance as well as traditional hazard analysis. Also, a food safety plan must be established and preventive management by a preventive management expert. Should be validated and related records are required to be reviewed regularly.

PCQI certification must be issued through FSPCA after successful completion of a training course approved by The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA).

What is a PCQI?

  • A Preventive controls qualified individual
    means a qualified individual who has successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls at least equivalent to that received under a standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by FDA or is otherwise qualified through job experience to develop and apply a food safety system.

 PCQI's responsibility

  • The supporting documents to be submitted with the application are as follows.

    1) Preparation of food safety plan

    2) Validation of preventive measures

    3) Record review

    4) Re-analysis of food safety plan

    5) Supervise or conduct other food-appropriate activities

 Practitioners who will be involved in food safety production with training conditions for PCQI

  • ❁ Vice President of Food Safety

    ❁ Maintenance manager

    ❁ Production supervisor and manager

    ❁ Hygiene supervisor

    ❁ Quality Assurance Officer and Manager

    ❁ Safety manager

    ❁ Education supervisor

    ❁ Technical Director

    ❁ Packaging supervisor and manager

    ❁ Legal and Regulatory Officer

PCQI training content

  • ✾ Preventive management concept training for FSMA response

    ✾ Food safety plan overview

    ✾ Operating GMP and other prerequisite programs

    ✾ Biological food safety hazards

    ✾ Food safety hazards in terms of chemical, physical and economic aspects

    ✾ Pre-steps for the development of a food safety plan

    ✾ Assistance in preparing a food safety plan (material)

    ✾ Hazard Analysis and Determination of Preventive Control Points-Outline

    ✾ Hazard analysis and determination of preventive control points

    ✾ Preventive management

    ✾ Preventive management of food allergy support

    ✾ Supply chain preventive management

    ✾ Verification and validation procedure

    ✾ Record storage and management

    ✾ Recovery plan

    ✾ Overview of the law (GMP, risk analysis, risk-based preventive management)

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