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Certification Activation of FSMA VQIP by COSTCO’s Approval acquisition…

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Certification Activation of FSMA VQIP by COSTCO’s Approval acquisition of VQIP Importer 


The US FDA is the first to approve Costco as a VQIP importer under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Costco has successfully demonstrated management of the safety and security of its supply chain, which will allow them to utilize VQIP to import certain food products into the U.S. with greater speed and predictability, avoiding unexpected delays at the point of import entry.


In the future, it is expected that more US-based food import distributors will register as VQIP importers from the US FDA, and many foreign food suppliers will receive VQIP certification.

This is a guide for FSMA VQIP.



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