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Risk management

Risk management

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ISO 31000
Professional Training

Risk Management Guideline Training Course

ISO 31000:2018 Outline

  • It is recommended that organizations develop, implement, and continually improve a framework that aims to integrate risk management processes into their overall management, strategy and planning, management, reporting process, policies, values and culture.

    This framework can be used regardless of the type of risk in your organization. It will help organizations protect their financial stability and reputation.

The importance of ISO 31000 training

  • Risk is inherent in all activities. ISO 31000 can help with public and private, infrastructure and commerce that are risk-derived.

    For the effective application of ISO 31001, companies and industries need qualified professionals. The purpose of the ISO 31001 trainnig is to provide certification body, businesses and industries with the confidence that auditors and individuals trained through this program are eligible.

    As part of the certification process, assessments will be conducted against requirements that reflect the core skills, knowledge and experience that define eligibility. The ISO 31001 training program is based on the ISO 31001 standard, and is based on the audit guidance standard ISO 19011:2018.

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