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Cosmetic Certification

Cosmetic Certification

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Introduction of cosmetic product certification

✨ EWG cosmetics verification

미국 환경운동단체 로고_EWG

    EWG stands for Environmental Working Group and is one of the most influential nonprofit environmental movement groups in the United States. EWG is an organization that mainly conducts education and enlightenment activities to avoid harmful ingredients and toxic substances and to select the right and safe products. Since EWG does not receive any external pressure or sponsorship from companies or governments, it provides fair and objective information more than any other organization.

    EWG conducts research on human health and environment in the fields of food, energy, and agriculture, and provides a database on its ingredients and safety, especially in relation to cosmetics. Product safety ratings are given based on the scores given by EWG's evaluation and verification, and can be used in personal hygiene products and cosmetics.

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Features of EWG

    EWG aims to enable people to live healthier lives in healthier environments. EWG tracks the safety of chemicals, enabling producers to promote the safety of ingredients, promote transparency and promote sales, and enable consumers to recognize risks and pursue safety.

    EWG Grade

    The rating is based on the Skin Deep database operated by EWG, and this data is based on safety research data published by research groups around the world.

    Available in red, yellow or green grades depending on the ingredient safety score, of which green is the product that meets the most stringent criteria. ✧ Grade 1~2: Green

    ✧ Grade 3~6: Yellow

    ✧ Grade 7~10: Red

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Necessity of EWG verification

    Since the EWG verification began, manufacturers have been making healthier and safer products. Manufacturers have been considering increasing cancer rates and allergies. EWG recognizes products that meet EWG's most stringent standards for health. This means there are no chemicals of concern to EWG, which means complete transparency. The EWG Approval Mark means a sign of trust.

    With thousands of consumer products on the market, it is difficult to know which products are safer and healthier. When a product is marked with the EWG mark, you can ensure that it is free of EWG's chemicals and meets the most stringent standards for health.

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EWG certification process

    When applying for the first time, follow the procedure below.

      1. Application and permission: EWG verification by partner HLB (Healthy Lifestyle Brands)
      ✥ Submission of application form and other documents (statement, disclosure contract, product ingredient spreadsheet, safety enhancement notice, etc.)
      ✥ 4~6 weeks

      2. Certification progress: Certification proceeds when HBL's EWG verification criteria are met
      ✥ Additional certification processing fee: Product sales and differences by company
      ✥ 6~8 weeks
      ✥ Additional documents may be requested as needed

      3. Approval and writing of license agreement

      4. Completion of mark usage and access training

    * The new certification is valid for 3 years, and if the ingredient is changed, it must undergo a retest.

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IGC’s Competency

    ⁜ IGC is contributing to the continuous development of customers by accurately evaluating the suitability of product certification through the technology and expertise accumulated over the years.

    ⁜ IGC has up-to-date knowledge of a wide range of specific scopes and legal requirements in major markets around the world.

    ⁜ IGC provides knowledge and services to support your entire global operations.

    ⁜ IGC provides various certification related services in the cosmetic field.

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cosmetic registration certification introduction

CPNP(Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)

    All cosmetic products to be distributed in the European market must meet the requirements of Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009, the European Union (EU) cosmetic regulation, and be registered with the CPNP. CPNP is a Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, EC No. Online cosmetic registration portal created according to 1223/2009. Through one registration with CPNP, the ingredients and raw materials of cosmetic products are managed and controlled, and it is possible to enter the entire EU market.

    CPNP registration of cosmetic products is done by the responsible person in Europe, the Responsible Person (RP). The RP is the legal officer for cosmetic products distributed in the EU, helping to ensure that the product is well distributed in the European market, and in the event of a problem with the product, the competent authority orders the RP to take action.

Registration process

    The CPNP registration process is as follows.

    1. RP designation
    ⁘ Cosmetics manufacturers who want to export cosmetics to the European market designate RP, and RP prepares a procedure for registering cosmetic products with CPNP. RP also stores and manages product information files (PIF), and is responsible for post management of cosmetic products in Europe in the future.

    2. Fill out required documents and labeling
    ⁘ Cosmetics manufacturers submit information and documents necessary for CPNP registration to RP.

    3. Product ingredients and label review
    ⁘ RP reviews product ingredients and labels based on documents submitted by cosmetic manufacturers.

    4. Product information file (PIF) preparation
    ⁘ Product information file is a single file that combines all the data necessary to enter the European market. RP creates a product information file based on the reviewed documents.

    5. CPNP registration
    ⁘ When all requirements are met, RP registers the cosmetic product with CPNP.

    6. Product market launch
    ⁘ Once a registration number is assigned to a cosmetic product from CPNP, the cosmetic product can be distributed in the European market.

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Required information and documents

    Cosmetics manufacturers must prepare basic and detailed information and labels for cosmetics products to be registered with CPNP.

    The information and documents that cosmetic manufacturers must submit to RP are as follows.
    ⁖ Manufacturer information
    ⁖ ISO 22716, GMP certificate
    ⁖ product information
    ⁖ Ingredient mixing ratio
    ⁖ Name of EU member country in which the product will be released
    ⁖ CoA
    ⁖ MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
    ⁖ Product safety, suitability, antiseptic, animal testing, etc.

    Additionally, the cosmetic label must contain the following information:

    ⁖ Basic information of the product
    ⁖ Serial number
    ⁖ Ingredients Table
    ⁖ Weight or volume of the product
    ⁖ Raw material information
    ⁖ Expiration date
    ⁖ Allergy-causing ingredients
    ⁖ How to use and precautions
    ⁖ origin
    ⁖ RP information

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CPSR includes

    The Cosmetic Product Safety Report is a document to prove that cosmetics to be registered in CPNP are safe products. The Product Safety Report (CPSR) is prepared by the safety evaluator, and the safety evaluator must have a degree in a related field and have at least 3 years of experience.

    The CPSR includes the following information:

    ▧ ingredient table
    ▧ MSDS
    ▧ CoA
    ▧ Ingredient mixing ratio
    ▧ Cosmetic manufacturer and container manufacturer declaration
    ▧ Draft label
    ▧ Package image

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PIF includes

    The Product Information File is a file that combines all the information necessary for the distribution of cosmetic products in the European market and includes the Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

    제품정보파일 (PIF)에는 다음의 정보가 포함됩니다.
    ▨ Product description
    ▨ Product safety report
    ▨ Manufacturing method GMP conformity (ISO 22716 certificate or GMP)
    ▨ Product efficacy and evidence (clinical test, etc.)
    ▨ Animal test data
    ▨ label

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