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ISO 9001

Quality Management System

Today, many companies want to not only meet their Organizations' needs, but also provide better products and services. They also want to remain competitive by reducing costs. Whether large or small, a comprehensive solution is needed to improve quality and price competitiveness, and ISO 9001 provides these companies with an effective quality management process.

Software development is different from food manufacturing or providing counseling services. However, ISO 9001 is applicable to all industries. The ISO 9001:2015 system was successfully implemented by various organizations, including manufacturers, software development companies, trading organizations, service organizations, police stations, professional football teams, and city councils. The requirements of ISO 9001 are comprehensive and can be applied to any organization, regardless of its shape, size, or product or service offered. Therefore, this standard is the most commonly used quality management standard in the world.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Requirements image
    ISO 9001:2015 Requirements Supporting the objectives and objectives of the organization, ISO 9001 documents the processes, procedures and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. ISO 9001:2015 has a high-level structure that can be integrated and managed with other high-level structures. In addition, consistent structure, definition, and use of terminology improve the clarity and applicability of standards.


    2.Normative References

    3.Terms and definitions

    4. Context of the Organization





    9.Performance Evaluation


  • ISO 9001의 중요성
    The importance of ISO 9001 In today's service-oriented economy, more and more companies are using ISO 9001 as a business tool. Properly specified quality goals, customer satisfaction surveys, and ongoing improvement programs help companies increase efficiency and profitability.

    In other words, proper quality management improves business and has a positive impact on investment, market share, revenue growth, revenue margins, competitive advantage, and litigation avoidance.

    Using ISO 9001 as a business tool offer the following benefits:

    1.more efficient and effective operation

    2.Strengthen marketing

    3.Increase in profits

    4.Staff motivation, awareness, and morale improvement

    5.Promoting International Trade

    6.Improve Organization satisfaction and Organization retention

    7.Reduce waste and improve productivity

  • ISO 9001, 아이지씨인증원의 역량
    IGC’S Competency IGC has been accredited for ISO 9001 by IAS, an Accreditation Body in the United States, and provides certification services for quality management systems.

    The auditors of IGC are contributing to the continuous development of customers by accurately assessing the suitability of the management system through the technology and expertise accumulated over As a trusted global leader in management system certification, IGC offers ISO 9001 certification as well as environmental management and other management systems.

    IGC has up-to-date knowledge of a wide range of specific scopes and legal requirements in major markets around the world, and provides the knowledge and services to support your entire global operation.

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