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ISO 21001

Educational Organizations Management System

ISO 21001 is designed to be applicable to organizations that support competency development through any education, learning or research. Organizations that produce or manufacture only educational products are not covered by ISO 21001.

ISO 21001 specifies requirements for EOMS (Educational Organization Management Systems). The learners subject to applicable legal and regulatory requirements must have the ability to provide, share and promote knowledge specifically, and effectively apply EOMS, including the process of system improvement, The goal is to increase the satisfaction of employees, other customers and employees.

  • ISO 21001:2018 Requirements, image
    ISO 21001:2018 Requirements ISO 21001 consists of 10 categories: organizational environment, leadership, planning, support, operations, performance evaluation and improvement.

    The requirements of this standard are general for all organizations that provide services, regardless of their type, size or nature.

    1. Scope

    2. Normative references

    3. Terms and definitions

    4. Context of the organization

    5. Leadership

    6. Planning

    7. Support

    8. Operation

    9. Performance evaluation

    10. Improvement

  • The importance of ISO 21001, image
    The importance of ISO 21001 1. Improving the linkage of policies (including mission and vision) with goals and activities

    2. Strengthening social responsibility by providing quality education that is inclusive and equitable to everyone

    3. Personalized learning and effective response to all learners, especially Special education needs, distance learners and lifelong learning opportunities

    4. Consistent process and evaluation tools to demonstrate and increase effectiveness and efficiency

    5. A means by which an educational institution can demonstrate a commitment to effective education management practices.

    6. Harmonization of regional, national, public, proprietary and other standards within an international framework

  • IGC’s Competency, image
    IGC’s Competency IGC's auditors are experts with training and relevant technical qualifications, providing a thorough and honest audit of the implementation and effectiveness of the ISO 21001 management system.

    We also have the knowledge and competence to meet your business needs and provide effective and thorough screening.

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